i.e.: we're playing the long game.

Initial rounds of sales. Land plots, trees, animals and insects. A chance to become an early adopters - at much lower rates.

NForesT NFTs

Our launch pack. 100 units
Launch: November 2021


NForesT - Canopy series 001

Second batch, building on the first round's success. Currently open for applications.

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NForesT NFTs

Final round of private sales.

Currently on hold.

02. Go DeFi!

After the private sales, we're going to move on to CNFT.IO for new releases.  We're planning to release new batches every month starting in 2023.

After every round, we'll provide full financial reports highlighting of our contributions to reforestation and land conservation projects.


03. Gaming / Metaverse

After the sales process is complete (which we expect to take 12 months after the first public sale on CNFT.IO), we will provide access to the NForesT to games or metaverse developers. In exchange, we'll expect them to donate a percentage of their revenue to the reforestation and land conservation projects voted by the community.